at SHOW YOUR SKIN, we want to be sure that submitting your work to us is as easy and accessible as possible. submitting is free (obvi), and there is no formal e-mail formatting we request of you. if you’d like to get some practice submitting how some other publications will request of a cover letter/introductory e-mail, check out this EXTREMELY helpful PDF on how to get started with submitting to small-scale literary journals written by joseph parker okay of 2fast2house. 

to reiterate, though, SYS will not reject or overlook your piece based on the format of your position so long as you:

  • give us your name
  • tell us the type of piece you are submitting (poem? flash fic? short fic? some experimental shit that has no name that you want to give to our greedy wittle paws?)
  • a bio written in the third person is recommended yet not required! anything you’d like us to know about you (twitter handles? have you been published before? do you have published work, and where can we read/buy? also, see below). we recommend this because it's nice to attach your work to something about you and a place to reach you online or otherwise. if you're not comfortable with including a bio, kindly let us know you are purposely omitting this portion of your submission.

SYS aims to center the voices of women, those in the LGBTQ+ community, and people of color. there have been far too many “outings” in the internet lit community of publications run by homophobic, queerphobic, racist, misogynist, and transphobic people. SYS exists as an active enemy of those publications. we want to re-home pieces you felt uncomfortable having published on sites like these. if a publication has made an affront to your identity and existence due to their practices, please send your work to us and we will treat them with care. SYS will do everything humanly possible to ensure no work indicating maligned ideologies will be published here. we will create a space as safe as we can for those who cannot find places in literature to exist comfortably and safely. we do not care about the comfort of white supremacists.

aside from this, SYS wants to cater to outsider art and writing. send us the most interesting shit you can create. cyberpunk realities. internet horror. your most uncomfortable pieces yet. bare it all and flash it to us.

now, onto the good stuff:

send poetry, prose, or any other type of writing (save for manuscripts) to skinliterature@gmail.com

send us as many poems as you want to at once. we will select the ones we like the most. if we like all of your poems, we’ll publish them all. submit these in a pdf or Word (.docx) document

right now, we’d like to keep prose submissions to around 2000-2500 words, but we are willing to make exceptions. send your prose to us in a pdf or Word (.docx) document

a note on the nature of submissions:

SHOW YOUR SKIN is run by one lonely college student. 

for this reason, please allow up to three weeks to receive the status of your submission. each piece is read and considered with great care, and given the nature of how SYS is run, it may take awhile to receive a message back from us. we have not forgotten about you. we never will. you are stored in our brain RAM forever.

also, simultaneous submissions are allowed and not discouraged! please let us know if your piece has been accepted elsewhere before we get to it, and we invite you to re-submit again in the future.

published by SYS before? coming in for round two or three?

we have a four-month waiting policy on new submissions from writers previously published on SYS. this is to allow emphasis on unpublished writers and give your own work a chance to breathe in the minds of our readership before you double dip. we love your work and want all of it, though. duh.